a letter to all adoptive parents and foster parents

(Photo from the day I walked into the hospital with an empty car seat, and walked out with our first placement)

{A letter to all adoptive parents and foster parents}

Dear friend, you are amazing. The choice you’ve made to bring a child into your home and love them with your very lives is a sacrifice of worship. The commitment you’ve made to your children and the children in your care is beautiful. 


You’ve chosen to enter into a story of heartbreak and loss and weave it into your own story. It sounds romantic when painted with words, but your day to day reality is much different, filled with challenges many of us cannot understand without having walked your path. 


You are pouring out your lives, your heart, your family, and your time for these children- and your Father sees that. You are doing hard work that matters, even though many days the payoff seems too far off to see, or even impossible to ever know. 


You know you cannot fix your children or their circumstances, but your love is mending their hearts. Day by day, moment by moment, stitch by stitch, your love and compassion embroider themselves on the hearts of the children you love. What you are doing matters. 


Thank you for your sleepless nights, your tears of compassion, your weary hands that keep on serving. Thank you for being the calm in the storm of tantrums and escalations, for being the steady life-giving presence your children need- the presence they were robbed of through circumstances beyond their control. Thank you for loving them through baffling behaviors and emotional hurricanes. 


You will tell me that these children have blessed you, that they have changed you, and you are blessed to have them. Thank you for seeing the good and true that paves your path. Thank you for seeing the value of these vulnerable ones and for telling the world how much these children are worth. Because they are worth everything, even our very lives. 


I’ve only just joined you on this journey friends, I’ve barely even started. But my eyes have been opened to your world, and my respect for you goes beyond any words I could write. You are my heroes. You are doing the hard work, you are loving with hard love. And for that I thank you. 


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