a prayer for the one who will enter our home through foster care


I don’t know how to pray for you, little one. I stumble through the complexity of these words, the contradiction of them, the strangeness of how and what to pray for you.

You will come into our home through brokenness, perhaps born in sorrow, or maybe you’ve been at your home for some time and you’ve been neglected or terribly hurt. And I know this- I am not your hero, I cannot save you. But I can love you, I can share the love of Jesus and your Heavenly Father with you, I can keep you safe and warm and fed.

I also know that I’m not a better or more worthy person to love you or care for you than your parents. I am more able right now than your parents, but, for the grace of God, I could be in their shoes. The thing is, your birth parents are valuable people too, made in the image of God, loved and pursued by His Spirit. I won’t know their story, save bits and pieces, and I will want to be angry sometimes, but in the end we all stand before God- broken people, given the opportunity to be saved by grace and live a story of redemption.

And so with that as my foundation and starting point, I pray.

Father God,
Prepare our hearts and home for the little one who will join us. Prepare us to love that one, to cherish that one, and to be what he or she needs. I don’t know what is now happening or will happen to this one to bring him or her our way, but I pray you would surround this one in your spirit. I pray you would protect their heart and mind and spirit and body from permanent damage. I pray your grace would chase after this little ones family. I pray you would orchestrate your plan and good will for this child’s life. I pray the transition would be smooth as this little one finds its way to us. Hold and protect this little one however you can right now. I pray for your grace and mercy. Thank you for this little ones life and existence. Help us to honor both this child and its birth family.

Jesus, please continue to show me how to pray as the days and weeks go on. And draw near to us all.



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