Community Camp For The Win

We had an amazing time at community camp. We are home now and I’m feeling all the feels. I’m looking forward to being home, in my home, and back to our typical routines. It was a pretty fun and yet exhausting time. Wrangling 5 kids is a busy business, and it’s the youngest two, ages 3 and 1.5 that are really the most work. I really enjoyed watching my bigger kids spread their wings, ride their bikes and do a lot of their stuff on their own.

As we leave though, I feel the saddens too. As a human, I think it’s natural that we don’t want the good experiences to end. Leaving and saying goodbye plays a minor chord on my heartstrings, even when in reality I wouldn’t want to stay there forever. Human emotions are fickle things.

We soaked up some sun, dodged some rain, the kids went in a canoe and a speed boat. We were able to go to a water park. The church sets up community camp in a way that many of our meals are a group event and it’s so wonderful to not have to cook much! We had a talent show and a couple of our kids sang in it while the Hubby played the piano. There was a campfire several nights, group dancing one night, and a movie and popcorn another night.

Connections- we had such wonderful conversations and connections with other people from our church, which doesn’t happen as often in the typical rhythm of life with young children. What a beautiful thing it is to get together and encourage one another in words and actions!

Thank you community camp for being the refreshment my weary soul needed! Thank you Jesus for making it possible and for your church who gathers together and enjoys life together!


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