on coffee, mullets, and Jesus (also, can it be summer yet?)

On Coffee-

Warning: copious amounts of coffee are consumed in this household daily. By one person. Me. You can measure my stress load by how many empty packets of Starbucks Via you find in my garbage can. On the other hand, maybe I will make sure to bury those before you come over.

Coffee, that sweet nectar, my go-to for treats or “stress eating”. I have such a ridiculously limited food intake right now that coffee is my everything. Food intolerances rule my roost right now, its cray and I hate it but whatev, what will be will be. At least I still have coffee! (Its pathetic really. Also, note my witty usage of trendy lingo. Your welcome.)

On Mullets-

Friends, for weeks this fall and winter I was hiding a lady mullet. It was all sorts of wrong. Due to dying my hair WHITE this summer (blame it on postpartum hormones or the fact that I just can’t leave well enough alone…) I had SEVERE breakage in my hair to the point where my whole top layer broke off. In the mornings when I would wake up, the top would be a voluminous nest of hair reaching for the heavens, only about 3 inches long (if that), and then the other half of my hair would hang down my neck. It was bad my friends. I took pictures but honestly don’t know if I have the umph to show them to you. So, finally, my sweet husband took me to get a hair cut. We gave my locks with length the chop chop (I was afraid I was going to cry and regret it sooooo bad) and gave my broken parts some layers, and I was left with a spunky new do for the new year. Its honestly pretty fun, even though the past 3 years all I have wanted was long luxurious hair.

Accepting reality though, I admit my hair is not luxurious nor thick. So this cut is working for me right now. the top still needs to grow out some so I can get the exact shape I want, but I can’t say I’m mad at its current style!



(sheesh. sorry that is a huge picture…at least in my draft as I am typing it is…)

On Jesus-

I need him guys. I just really really need him. My heart is a tumultuous mess sometimes, and I need him to calm my storms. I pray I would boast in my weakness that he is my strength. That he is enough. That he is my guide. Being a mom continually reveals my weaknesses, my fears, my lack in so many areas. I pray Jesus would be Lord of my life and my family.

Oh Friends-

We live in Washington state and winters are so grey here. Rainy cold grey days just really wipe me out! I need sunshine so badly on those days! I used to love fall and winter the best, but over the years my heart has been changing to long for summer. I sometimes wish I could snap my fingers and be somewhere sunny and warm! But don’t we all??!

Well, I feel like I truly rambled today, but thanks for sticking with me 😉

I hope you are having a lovely new year!




One thought on “on coffee, mullets, and Jesus (also, can it be summer yet?)

  1. 1) Love the haircut. It totally suits you (and that is a gorgeous pic)
    2) Jesus. Yes. I can’t even imagine life without Him
    3) Coffee. It was definitely a gift that God gave moms that was well thought out as He created the world.

    4) You’re rockin’ it all. 🙂 ❤

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