Hippos and foster care


This is an odd picture for sure, and there isn’t much I can do to make it pretty. Do you want to know the story behind this giant white hippo?? I’ve been encouraged by a few moms out there in Internet land to be open with out story as we travel this path. They have said in hindsight they would have been more open, shared more, reached out to the adoption or foster community more.

My husband and I have prayed and talked at length about how our family can be the hands and feet of Jesus. We’ve discussed world missions, we’ve done youth ministry, we’ve looked at various possibilities. We started talking about adoption. We won’t have anymore biological kids, but we still want to grow our family. When we talked about foster care though I would think “oh no, I can’t do that.” But one day my husband came home and said “You know, I think we could do it. Other people do it and I think we could too. God will give us the grace we need.” And so the steps towards getting licensed for foster care started. We knew our current vehicle wouldn’t work, as we had already filled it up with our 5 kids and ourselves. Our transmission is going out on it too. It was the push we needed to think bigger. Ironically, we both came home the same day with the same exact thought, even though we hadn’t spoken to one another about it all day- we both had seen 15 passenger vans that day and felt strongly that we needed to pray about getting one. We began to pray and look. It was so strange because up until then we hadn’t agreed on any type of vehicle, we both wanted different things. But this felt RIGHT! And so after a few weeks of looking and praying, we found this one! It’s older but clean, sound, and strong. And in our price range. So we went out to see it. We prayed and made an offer on it, and they accepted it!

We are now proud owners of this and still pinching ourselves. We laugh because it was our dream car! The kids are THRILLED. So, we are still in the process of getting licensed- but we are one step closer!!

I read the other day that “foster care is warfare”. So is adoption. Spiritual warfare. As we stand up for the week and needy and extend Christ’s love, Satan fights us. This looks like discouragement, discord, doubt, difficulties…the thing is, God is stronger and he is with us. He wants us to overcome. He promises “I will never leave you or forsake you”. He says “Have I not commanded you be strong and courageous? Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” That is a verse I’ve been preaching to my heart today. We are facing obstacles in our journey that we could either view as major roadblocks, or opportunities for major faith. Honestly, depending on the hour, my lack of caffeine, or my kids attitudes, my attitude changes. So today I preached to my heart- “Megan, do not be discouraged. Megan, do not be afraid. Megan, be strong, take courage.”

I honestly can’t even imagine what this journey will look like. It’s beyond my scope of imagination. I don’t even know what our home will look like at this point because our major faith hurdle this week is just that- a possible unexpected housing change.

I don’t expect easy, but nothing in life worth achieving is easy. I don’t expect everyone to “get it”, but I hope and pray most of them will. Because every child deserves a home. Every child deserves to be safe. Every child is valuable beyond riches, my free time, my wants, and my comforts. I believe life is about community, and I hope we can be a safe community for a few children who need it.

praying for courage,

just megs


If you are interested there is a video titled “Removed”, and it is about foster care from a child’s perspective. Warning::: It is super emotional, you will feel all the feels when you watch it, but it’s worth it for sure. You can watch it here : http://youtu.be/lOeQUwdAjE0


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