{tuesday observations}

{Chicken Salad and Addictive Fabric...but it all starts with a Pancake}

I am sitting  outside listening to the leaves rustle in the trees with a summer breeze. Are they dancing? Are they applauding their Maker?

I gaze up at the sky, and I see the glistening shades of green against the pristine blue of this early July canopy, and I think to myself- I don’t look up often enough.

When I look up, something changes inside of me. I am not sure what it is precisely. There is an uplifting of my soul, a lightening of my spirit.

I gaze across the landscape at my neighbors flowerbed. It is orderly, and quite lovely. But something inside of me prefers the beautiful chaos of an unordered and unplanned garden. Bursting with wild colors and vibrant life. Flowers that tangle and entwine themselves with one another.

The sun shines its golden blessing on my shoulders as it has all my life, consistently rising and setting, always returning.

Today is a blessing.


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