this morning at our house…

Through a 3 year olds eyes


I lost the post I just wrote. That is such a bummer. I’ll try again. Don’t you hate it when that happens??

This morning is a slow start at our house. One kiddo is playing Legos in his room, one is in the tub, one just got out of the tub and is watching a cartoon, and one is still snoozing. I have yet to change out of my jammies.

There has been some action already though! I caught the two year old eating dogfood (again), AND she pooped on the floor. BUT, at least she got out of the tub, and didn’t poop in there! That is progress! I am sure her sister, who was in the bath also, appreciates that.

Confession: I used to think people who had disasters like this weren’t “on top of things” as a parent. HA. It turns out that these little creatures can be a lot crazier, messier, mischievous, and nutty than you imagine they can be.

Confession: in reference to these little creatures- I also used to (quietly, in my head only) judge other peoples mud-streaked powder rooms. To me, they looked as if they hadn’t been cleaned in a week. Turns out, they could have cleaned it only an hour ago, and those messy little creatures struck again!

On a different note: I love autumn, but it hasn’t quite made its entrance to the northwest yet. Last week we had a couple of 80 degree days! Autumn, where art thou? Will you grace us with your presence- crisp cool air, colorful leaves, all your autumn-y delights, this week? I hope I hope I hope!

Well, my bloggy moment has come to an end now. Enjoy your morning coffee, and find some humor in your day!

-just megs


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