Afternoon pick me up!


it is the middle of the day, and I am so so tired! So I’m sitting on the couch snuggling with this baby. I’m trying not to stress over what I’m not doing, and just go with the flow. There are days to adhere to a schedule, and days to go with the flow. Today- flowing.

We are going to get take out Mexican for dinner, and not make any more dishes to wash. Less school is happening today, but that’s ok, because some days we do way more, others, less. It’s part of why we are homeschooling
anyways- when the fatigue or AS are getting to me, we can take things slower. Or learn while snuggling on the couch in our jammies.

I did put real clothes on though! And the dishes got done. So far we have avoided any more two year old disasters!!

I purchased a laminator off of Amazon, and it came today. I’m super excited to get some stuff made for school!

Confession: I’m totally addicted to the TV series “Dr. Who”. I have watched all of the seasons on Amazon Prime. My next move is to plot out some kid free time to go watch the current season at my friends house. (we don’t have cable…by choice). I have skipped a few creepy episodes, but overall, love that show! I don’t think it’s had any swearing in it either. The quick wit is what pulled me in! And the British accents are pretty fab too.

ok, back to my baby snuggling.
-just megs


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