Hello friends! I am afraid I am still having slight issues blogging from my iPad, so this might be a visually uninteresting blog.


But, there are exciting WORDS to share! We are blessed to be pregnant again, and are due in the middle of September. We will go in next Tuesday, the 31st, for an ultrasound to check on this little life and look for the heartbeat. We had two losses in the past, so this is the norm for us to go in early. I am 6 weeks and 2 days along today. Baby should be the size of a green pea!


Surprisingly, the nausea has already set in strong the past few days, usually it does this closer to 8 weeks. And tho it is hard to stay chipper and patient, it is an encouragement to my heart that things should be going well.


This will be my first pregnancy completely gluten free, and dealing with an inflammatory arthritis that pretty much affects my whole body, including my spine. With three little ones here at home, I pray the Lord will make me strong, give me patience, and help me to continue mothering well!! I am going to need to step up my game, and it is only by the grace of God that I can accomplish this!


I am thrilled I have been able to work on my art some, and look forward to sharing photos with you.


Until then, be blessed!


-just megs


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