The one with a {winner}, some dancing princesses, and good baby smells.

{Theme music playing…} And now the winner of the cute little palm tree t-shirt is….

Random Integer Generator
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Timestamp: 2010-05-27 19:56:39 UTC

(Forgive my lapse of brainpower, but what is UTC time anyways? And if asking that made me sound incredibly dumb, I blame it on pregnancy. Henceforth, anything I say that makes me sound lacking in the smart area will be blamed on this also.)

Comment number 6 is Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages! Oh dear me. This wonderful lady’s blog is FULL of beautiful whimsical images that just make the little princess inside of me dance. You have to go see her. Your little princess will dance too. And if you think you don’t HAVE a little princess, you will discover that YES, you DO, and she’s a better dancer than you would have thought.

Anita, I hope you enjoy my humble offering of this little t-shirt, and I’m sure you know a little hula princess that can wear it!

I had so much fun visiting the newborn baby pictured in my last post yesterday. Sigh. What a doll. How am I supposed to wait until September to hold MINE? And will this be my last? I do NOT handle pregnancy gracefully. Oh how I wish I did. I wish I were one of those women who either waltzed through pregnancy without a hitch, or who loved pregnancy in spite of it’s discomforts.

I’m NOT. Not not not. First 19 weeks? Nausea, ALL THE TIME. Makes me grumpy the dwarf. Makes me feel like I can’t live each day, they are all so hard. Second half? My hips give out. After 3pm walking is hard, sitting is hard, standing is hard. Blech. My hiney hurts. Normal things make my hips go crazy on me. Two nights ago I lunged after the dog as he tried to eat my sons dropped pizza, and the whole night and next day were spent sitting on my heating pad. (Not to mention the two days camped out on it after making Baby MnM’s quilt…)

See? I’m such a complainer! But babies? Infants? Tiny sweet soft things that I can hold constantly and kiss and smell and hold some more?


Oh my babies. I love other peoples babies, yes, but nothing compares to your own precious newborn. The crying and up-all-night-ness doesn’t really bother me. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I get tired and have my mom moments. But my babies are worth every one. And every pregnancy discomfort.

But you see, if I have another one after this, 4 other people in the household will have to suffer with me. My dear husband who does the dishes and laundry and puts the kids to bed when I think I will die, my energetic little son who wants to play and doesn’t get why mama gets grumpy, my sweet daughter who wants mommy time, and then this baby girl…

I’m not making any decisions right now or anytime soon! I just realize that this quite possibly could be my last newborn to snuggle and cherish from her first SECOND of life in this world. Oh little one, I will never put you down! My dishes will pile up (oh wait, they already do), my laundry will try to eat my house (ummm…isn’t that what it is doing NOW??), and the dog hair will have to wait to be vacuumed from the carpet (ok, I’m so not even going there with that one…).

I can’t wait to smell your head, and hold you close. For that first moment when they put you in my arms and I really meet YOU. I love your little kicks right now, that will only grow stronger as I grow bigger. (Would you mind NOT making me crave Mexican food anymore though? I’m turning into a balloon from all that sodium. Just askin…)

Your big brother tells me every couple of days about what he will teach you. Your big sister is not ever going to stop kissing you, she loves babies so much!

I didn’t even know I was going here when I started this post. But I will end by saying, we can’t wait to see you!!

Now you all need to go find an infant to smell.

Dreaming of baby bundles,


4 thoughts on “The one with a {winner}, some dancing princesses, and good baby smells.

  1. Hi Megan! Your mom directed me in your direction and I love your blog! Your children are just precious as can be! How wonderful that baby #3 is on the way, too. The smell of a new baby is Heavenly!!((hugs))BeckyPS: housework CAN wait!

  2. MEGAN!!! AHHHHH! I won!!! Oh,this is so precious. I will email you with my address! Hehehehee, I love blogland! And the baby, oh dear; such cuteness and joy. BRAVO! I bid you a fabulous day and weekend ahead. Be back with my address…..Anita

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