A Tease of Summer

Summertime is in the air. It teases us. Glimpses, Sunny days, with cloudy rainy cold days sandwiched in between

The flip flops are out, and on our feet on the days that permit it…

The playtoys beckon us…

And Tiny Pink Converse made for a two year old are sported with some capris

Little ducks toddling in a row…

And those shoes again…so STINKING adorable…

Ah yes summertime. I know you are near. You will come in glory, and yet it will be brief here in the Northwest. But it will be glorious.
The seasons of our life are so reflective of those that surround us. Sometimes we seem to be stuck in an unending winter. Perhaps the winter is desolation, or sorrow. Or maybe a winter of calm, peace, and purity.
And then spring emerges. Hints of new life or new opportunities bud, and you can sense them coming. Life seems fresh. Perhaps you have glimpses of color between rainstorms.
Then comes summer. Oh summer. Glorious, warm, filled with delights. It comes like a burst of joy, an explosion in our hearts! It can be exhilarating.
Eventually summer melts into fall. In my life, I feel most energized in the fall. It delights me. The colors of the leaves, the crisp bite in the air, the warmth of the sun as the day progresses. Such memories formed in autumn in my heart…
All these seasons, ever changing. We struggle with wanting to capture one, and keep it forever, but it is not to be. Because these seasons in our life are what make it LIFE! Without a taste of winter, we could not fully appreciate the burst of summer. The delights of autumn. Without the sweltering heat of summer, we would not welcome the pristine white days of snow.
It is all beautiful, and it surrounds us. And if you look carefully, it all turns our hearts to the One who made it all…
Be blessed, whatever season you are in.

9 thoughts on “A Tease of Summer

  1. Well, it's supposed to be Spring here… I live in Calif. for pete's sake! BUT… today it's raining and it hasn't hit 80 since last year… DO I MIND? Not one bit! My fav season is Fall and it has been Fall around here for MONTHS! Those shoes are adorable, can't wait until my Brody can fit in big brother's red high tops 😉

  2. I LOVE the pink shoes….I have a "I hope to be a grandma" shelf in my closet…mostly filled with books…but there are some stinkin cute girl shoes that were found on sale and I bought them in hopes. :o)

  3. Megan… I have a rockin' size 8 of those pink converse. You are welcome to borrow them. 🙂 Summer is near for us too! I can't wai!

  4. My favorite shoes in high school were pink converse high tops…I wore them out! Thanks for the sweet flash back!Love your insights :)Rainy and cool here, but the weekend was perfect, so I am not minding the rain!

  5. And thank you, Megan, for coming to visit me! I love your profile, and your question about being a rock star! And yes, Jesus can change anyone, even our children. I wish you much success in praying, modeling and praying for your children for the rest of their lives! Anita

  6. It's starting to be summer in Texas! I adore those converse. So cute. Back in good ole 1988 I used to DRIVE my parents crazy, switching one Converse with my friends so I would have a pink one and a blue one on at the same time. Those were the 80's!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just as each worst of a season makes us appreciate the best of all the others, so do our trials of this world make Heaven all the more glorious! The best is yet to come! Blessings to you and your family!

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