{My Adventure in Italy}

I didn’t mention on here yet that my husband and I had the privilege of going to Rome and Venice last month. Amazingly, we arrived home only 2 days before the Icelandic volcano started erupting!

We had many adventures, and good times, but it was also a very challenging trip. I missed my kids terribly, and the stresses of international travel made me long for home!

I’d like to share some photos from our trip with you.

First off, on the bus, there were signs designating seats for the elderly, pregnant woman, infirm, and such…I found the photos highly amusing. One of my favorite things to take pictures of happens to be funny signs and illustrations.


Oh yes I love that one. It still makes me laugh.

In Venice, I spied a little bird helping himself to lunch at a fruit stand-

Here are my love and I in Venice, overlooking some of the beautiful landmarks. I have to say that getting this photo taken was hilarious. A young man who was by himself saw me with our camera (a Cannon Rebel) and knowing that I would know how to use his (something smiler, a Rebel or Nikon…can’t remember) he askes me to take his photo. He had his “shot” all lined up, and asked me to stand in a specific spot. Totally understandable, I would do the same! I took several pictures of him, and he was very pleased. I then asked if he would take our photo. Well, let me tell you- this is a man who loved his camera! He was like a photographer for models or something! He was moving around, taking photo after photo, and really getting into it! Made me wish I’d been a bit less shy and put a little umph into HIS photoshoot!

Here is an angel that flanked the sides of a bridge, with many others, on the road that led across the river in Rome into the Vatican area. They were gorgeous, and each held a symbolic item that related to Jesus ministry or death.

And finally, I invented a rousing game, which I like to call “Slug Nun”. No, I did NOT slug a nun, it was the equivalent of ‘Slug Bug’, and I (oh-so-gently) slugged my husband each time I saw a nun. He of course was allowed to play also, but being that I invented the game, I won each time. 😉 And so, in tribute to Slug Nun- slug! Gotcha!

More photos and stories to come…Please share with me your adventures in travel!



One thought on “{My Adventure in Italy}

  1. How fabulous! I was in Italy (for 5 weeks) almost 15 years ago! I loved Venice!Can't wait to see the rest of your pics! Happy Mother's Day

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