Looking forward!

I love blogging.

I don’t like being away from it, but sometimes I go through periods of time where I don’t feel like I have a creative thought to share, a blogging drought seems to plague me.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, as has photography. So blog world is a wonderful place for me to be. But sometimes (confession) I feel a little overwhelmed. You all are so wonderful and inspirational! You have so much to give and share! You blog regularly, you make projects, your blogs pour out beauty, inspiration, and LIFE, from every word!!! And I wonder, what do I have to share? I’m chuckling at myself right now. This is no cry for pity. I just love your blogs.

Feeling confused sometimes, I wonder, who am I? As a mother of 2 small children and one on the way, sometimes I feel at a loss. I love my life right now (except those awful pregnancy hormone days). But I also wonder how to incorporate creativity and inspiration into these days? Very much lacking the time, energy, and desire to pursue anything other than getting my kitchen clean and forcing myself to tidy the house leaves me wondering…My crafts, supplies, and sewing machine have been packed into a closet since my daughter was a little over one year old, because monkey that she is, I can’t keep them out in plain sight or they get pillaged. I craft by the “mess method” I need to have it ALL out, so that I can see it all! We don’t have any extra room in our home to be able to keep it in sight. I need a creative home makeover! (Mom….are you reading this?? hehehe…)

On a brighter note, we will be 20 weeks pregnant on Monday! That means we will be halfway through this pregnancy! Yay! And as of about a week ago, I seem to have emerged from the I’m-so-sick-I-feel-nauseous-ALL-the-time, period of pregnancy. Double Yay! I feel human again. Which means a return to blogging more often. We find out on Monday (if the baby allows us to find out) the gender!

Perhaps it’s the taste of summer that is teasing me– the desire for warmth and fresh berries, to soak up the sun while the kids play in our little yard, iced tea and pie….but I’ve pulled out The Farm Chicks book again and have been spending a little time each day flipping through its delicious pages.

Their annual Farm Chicks Antique Show is coming in June, and I REALLY want to be there! I have the blessing of actually living (slightly) near this event, as my little home is in Western Washington, and their fabulous show is in Eastern Washington. It’s a bit of a drive (nothing to blink at unless your pregnant and have 2 kids, wink wink), but it still remains a possibility. They are even having a Giveaway to be there for set-up day and a special dinner. Oh please-please-please can I win?? I’ll DEFINITELY be there if I do. 😉
Looking forward to spending more time with you this Spring and Summer my friends!!

2 thoughts on “Looking forward!

  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is adorable too! I think we have A LOT in common! It was nice to meet you too and I plan to check in on your cute little blog often. Maybe I'll see you at the farm chicks show. I'm in western MT so we are road tripping it too! 😉

  2. I'm just saying 'Howdy' back. I love comments, expecially from new friends, and so I was super excited to get yours. I'm new to the bloggy world and it has it's moments but please don't get discouraged and compare your blog to others; yours is just as fabulous as anyone elses. Oh and congrats on the pregnancy. Maybe we will see each other at The Farm Chicks show, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants 🙂

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