Flounder, ears, art, all in a drive by!

Oh my goodness.
I’m floundering!

I started a fun digital art class, and am so behind in what I would like to be doing, but I just can’t find time enough. Laundry. Kids. Dishes. Ear infections…

My son came down with an ear infection, his first one ever. We realized what it was when his eardrum ruptured. Eardrum rupture =’s blood. Not fun. But not dangerous either. Little guy is doing MUCH better after a visit to the Dr and some antibiotics.

I want to post pictures, I want to show art, I want to do my giveaway! I’ve almost reached my 100th post. I should have hit it much sooner in my 18 months of blogging, but alas, my time off while I was sick put the xnay on that.

All this to say- Dear friends, stick around. Your comments and visits are something I adore!

{Giveaway soon, art soon, more stories on life and faith…all soon.}

Right now? I’m headed out to take photos, let this kids play outside in some brief sun that we are getting, and try to have a little fun! 😉

See me leaving now ? I’m not even letting myself post a photo, even though this post looks drab!

Gone like the wind!!!


2 thoughts on “Flounder, ears, art, all in a drive by!

  1. Just wanted to share some blog love! I'm a reader…and a follower… a Mom, a child of the King… and I'm also a Megan!Have a great night! I look forward to your upcoming posts!

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