Oh dear, I am embarrassed to even show this photo!! This is the little table in my Kitchen. Yes, there is a table under there. It is prone to catching all the clutter in our house. Ok, so does my dining room table. But I am not showing you that.

And so I show you this uttering a squeak of “Help!!!” I confess my trouble with remaining consistently organized. I am a creative soul, and tend to be a bit scatterbrained at times, which is reflected in this table.

Oh dear.

As the new year rolls in, I am striving to conquer these clutter zones! Help me friends! Now that I have shown you this terrible mess (Ok, so the dirty bowl does not camp there…my son just finished breakfast. Now I feel worse! My son ate breakfast at that mess!) I ask you to share with me some organizing love and help me work through the clutter this new year.

Looking forward to your insight!

(P.S. It is killing me to leave this photo up….I will have to post something beautiful or striking tomorrow to erase this image from your minds…)


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  1. hahaha – Sweetie, this os how my kitchen counter looks everyday! It doesnt matter how many times I clean it off, its just a catch-all. Dont feel bad about the pic, I can totally relate! Unfortunately, that also means I have no advice for you…lol

  2. You are quite brave : ) … I once did a post with photos of my closet re-do with the bedroom covered with the closets contents. The next day I couldn't bear that I had beared my mess so much, so I had to delete the post. LOL!!!My advice:#1. Only keep in a room what belongs there. No non-kitchen items in the kitchen …#2. First you have to have a place to keep each item. The old saying "A place for everything, and everything in its place" really works!#3. If you don't have a place to keep items, and find that your house has twice as much 'stuff' than will fit, give things away that you don't actually use,#4. Keep only things that have meaning to you. For items that you use often, create a place for them to live (repeating #3 above) And if you need to store things, put them in marked bins in the garage or another storage area.#5. To begin, have 4 large boxes or containers marked "Throw Away" – "Give Away" – "Belong in Another Room" – and ""Keep in This Room" -then clear the area you are working on into the boxes….#6. Call your mom who you refer to as the "Organizing Queen" ~ who will come over with containers and bags, (and wearing one of the tiaras she got for Christmas)… ready to dive into the mess with you … if you offer her chocolate!~ Love! ~ mom

  3. I have one table like that too! Lol. Happy New Year!!! I think my New Year's resolution is definitely organization as well. Hope 2010 is truly magical for you and yours!xoxoMichelle and the kitties (and now a horse). lol

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting today! I didn't feel very good about posting that picture of my one room and am happy to see other authentic souls out there. Thrifty Decor Chick LOVES to help people organize and "get rid of their crap" so check her out if you don't already. I have such a hard time with my kitchen table too — I was just mentioning that to my husband tonight. Post an "after" picture sometime — it will make you feel accomplished 🙂 Good "meeting" you here in this blog world!

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