Where I show you my present, and tell you about the insane penguin.

I was very excited to arrive home the other day to find this on my porch-

I love LOVE love opening packages. I am addicted to swaps, because I get presents! For this swap I got PaperJunki as my partner- and she is great! The gift was so fun to open! It was filled with green confetti paper and fabric shamrocks.

Do you see all the funness??? Fun fun fun. And how kind of the sun to shine in my kitchen window with such perfect timing. Me and the sun, were like this *crossing fingers*.

There were even some glittery shamrocks!

Hmmm…did she check out my blog? Or is she a mind reader? ‘Cause coffee? You all know its my THING.

I pulled out this cute little basket….
Look! A leprechaun hat for me! I should have taken a picture of myself trying it on.

And a Pot of Gold!!! Talk about economic stimulus.
I then found this cute little Irish angel waiting for me…

And this clover pin…
And this most-awesome Irish linen handkerchief! I am itching to use it for something. Love it!

Hey, that hat fits the little angel perfectly! She must have planned that. How cute is he now?

And here is the gift as a whole. I have always loved displaying my gifts out in the open for all to see. When I was a kid I left my loot from my birthday on the dining room table for a day or two, just enjoying the site of it…See the little clover sticker in there? Almost forgot to mention them!
As to what I have been doing this week, I have been enjoying this guy….

And kissing this baby girls cheeks….a lot…Aren’t they so color coordinated?? Yes, we are picture perfect all the time, I promise you.

I want to say that I also participated in the Valentines Swap at Bunch of Scrap. I received another fabulous-exciting-fun-to-open present from Amy at Living Life Lovingly. She send me such a spot on gift! I loved it. I opened it and used it all right away, and failed to take appropriate pictures and blog about it…My excuse is that it was just before LaLa’s birthday! =)

Randomness- My husband is watching a movie about the South Pole right now, and I kid you not, they just talked about insane penguins. There are penguins who apparently go insane, and wander off from the penguin ‘herd’ (Herd? Group? Flock? I’m thinking its the last one…) and head inland toward the mountains…They just keep going…and going…and going…
I felt you all would want to know that very important information. You’re welcome.
Well, there is my random update to share with you all!
Feeling scatterbrained…


10 thoughts on “Where I show you my present, and tell you about the insane penguin.

  1. I intended to get in on that swap, but missed the deadline. Great loot! I won’t miss it again, and by the way, your kids are adorable. And I enjoy some randomness in my day.

  2. If I was a penguin I’d probably be one of the insane ones – heading for the mountains!!! Or maybe packing my penguin bags for Paris.Want to join me? : ) Fun presents you got! And I’m sure the ones you sent were just as happily opened!!!!

  3. I just got your gift today. It was fabulous- I too love opening packages and it totally made my day. I can’t wait to get to work using the goodies. Thank you!

  4. Cute stuff!BTW, I never answered your question about the snuggie. First of all, what rock have you been living under Megan? The snuggie commercial comes on so much I want to claw my own eyeballs out. But, I digress. It is actually a fleece blanket with sleeves. and is the most hilarious, ridiculous, absolutely unneccesary, neccestiy ever! Google it.Luv ya girl ~ Amanda

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