Fabulous Finds Friday! {Under $10}

Hello my friends! Welcome to another Fabulous Finds Friday! Each item here is under $10.00. I know most of us are on budgets…and I want to share some finds with you that you could actually snag for yourself, rather than just dream about!

First off, this skirt- It Does Not Get Any CUTER!!! I found this pattern listing on Etsy, and I feel that I must have it!!! (Note, this is a pattern listing, not an actual skirt! ‘Cause getting the skirt, already made, for under $10? That would be a miracle!)

Next we have this Adorable headband. It’s only $6, and I think I would rather buy it than make it. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself, know what I mean? This one is an adults headband, and they make little girl’s ones too!

This Charm is striking! All you would have to do is string it on a chain, and you have a one-of-a-kind necklace. No additional embellishments needed. I love it.

And then there are these simple and stylish earrings. They are made by an etsy-er in Hawaii, and my mind has been hooked on summer an summer dreams lately.

What Fabulous Finds do you have to share with us?




8 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds Friday! {Under $10}

  1. That skirt is ADORABLE!! And the headband, well I would definitely buy it because I would probably mess up $6 worth of supplies trying to make it.

  2. I have been here-to your blog-more than a few times. I have never left a comment, at least I don’t think I have. I tend to do things and forget that I have done them. I blame this on my children. Why-because I can.I love your blog and your ideas and your writing! JUst wanted to say keep up the great work!!! Come visit-I love new friends!

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