My Boy

This is My Boy. He is wild and sweet, tenderhearted and impetuous. When he was born my life was transformed. I fell in love with this new being whom I held in my arms. He is 3 1/4 years old now, and fills my everyday with energy, delight, and always some frustration on the side!
I wonder what he will do? Where he will go?
I pray for him everyday, for protection, for a heart that will always be sold out to God.
I pray for wisdom. Because some days I don’t even know how to respond to him.
Right now I am watching him play with his trains. They are having conversations I don’t think I can even begin to translate.
I love this photo. I love playing around with my pictures for a unique feel. This one seems to capture him in so many ways. It’s from last summer. I think it’s about time I print and frame this one, don’t you?
In what ways have your children impacted your life? And if you don’t have children, how has a child you know transformed you?
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10 thoughts on “My Boy

  1. I love this post. Great Photo. I can’t believe how close in age…both of our kiddos are. My little guy is 3 1/2 years. Today is G-K’s b-day. We are having a party on Saturday. Thank you for remembering. I am working on her decorations. Pink, Brown and Giraffe Print! I hope it turns out okay…I’ll let you know!

  2. Love the picture. Our girls have definitely improved our prayer life. 🙂 We starting praying for potential spouses when they were born…CRAZY? Not really. We felt God spur us to pray for that day…that not only would our girls be ready and have a solid relationship with Jesus but that God was preparing the potential mates in their relationship with God. Just think someone could also be praying for your son. Hmmm, the list could go on forever. Laughter…that’s a big one in our household. They have brought such joy. They’ve also encouraged me as I listen to them talk about God and their relationship with Him. Oh and when they pray over me…GLORY, there might not be anything better. His love has been poured out through them. I have indeed been transformed. I love to come peek into your world…always stirs up such sweet memories of when our girls were little.

  3. That is a beautiful picture! I have one that I edited of Connor that it reminds me of. Concerning the question posed, oh I could write a book. But to name a few, I have learned patience, joy in the smallest things, love that never waivers, and found a renewed sense of wonder. I want this world to be a better place for them, and no matter what I want them to walk daily with Jesus and call on him for everything.

  4. Hi, Megan. This is Emily…Ella’s mommy. We love the special blanket you made her. It was one of the first blankets we had. She used it in the NICU (and got wild compliments from all the nurses and other moms) and love using it still. Your sweet boy is precious. We are sooo happy to have our Ella Bean home. We called her Jeanie the beanie when we saw her in her first ultrasound pic, so it’s kind of stuck for me. Thanks again for your kindness and prayers.

  5. I love your heart for your children. How blessed they are to have you for a mommy! Let’s see, what I can I say … I have a beautiful daughter who always had such a tender and caring heart – as a child and now as an adult with children of her own. She wrote the deepest, wise-beyond-her-years poems at ages 12 and 13 that still amaze me and fill me with wonder. And her gift for writing continues to bless me, as does her love for her family and her love for me, shown in so many ways. You know who I’m talking about!!! – xoxoxo

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