Happy Birthday Little Girl! And {Music Monday}

Our music for today? Lenka. Lighthearted, fun sound, all around a good time! I have added the playlist to my side column this week so you can listen while you visit. If you click on her name you can vsit her website. I picked her CD up off of Itunes, I love it!

It’s here. Today. It not possible! But it’s here. My Baby Girl’s Birthday! She’s one year old, and it just doesn’t seem possible. How did time fly by so fast? It’s a celebration, but it’s also emotional. She is no longer a little baby. Oh, she is a baby in a one-year-old sense, but a tiny infant no longer.
LaLa, you are precious, adorable, fun, funny…You make us laugh with your little chatters and your funny walk. You bring us to tears with your hugs. We love watching you grow, we love every moment with you. Happy Birthday Little Girl!!!

We had her party on Saturday, and it was great! I decorated my chandelier with curled ribbon, and it turned out so cute! I added curled ribbon to everything. I made some cupcake banners with glitter on top, and hung streamers everywhere. Our friends and family came and we were blessed by their presence! We had a great time. The house is still a mess, and we are having our little family party tonight. So the menu this time? Frozen Pizza. I know, totally gourmet! I might make some more (much simpler) cupcakes though.

I wore this cute little apron that I bought at the antique store for $4, and appliqued a cupcake onto it. I threw it over a skirt (which later became jeans due to all the little kids I had to step over, if you know what I mean…) and wore my cupcake T from Target. The skirt and apron had a 50’s look, so of course I tossed on my LARGE pears. (Of course they are real , ’cause like, I have a million dollars.) And, to top it off, I was barefoot! I had NO shoes that went with it! Kindof silly I know, but it was all last minute.

LaLa now has a collection of babydolls, quite wonderful considering she always plays with her brothers hotwheels. It is time to teach her about girly toys! Tonight (SHHHHH, DON’T LET HER HEAR!!!) She gets a cute little baby tea set!

Oh, and she loved smooshing her purple frosting! I will show you more pictures tomorrow, I especially want to get photos of the cupcake banner. And more photos of HER of course! I’m off to clean the house, go to the store, and do all my crazy stuff to get ready for tonight!

Happy Birthday Baby Buns!

Mommy. (Aka Megan)

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Girl! And {Music Monday}

  1. You obviously didn’t get the memo from God….thou shalt wear no shoes. NADDA, ZIP, NONE! God intended feet to be free…so you were celebrating in style. I love her precious face as she squishes the frosting. It all looks so fun and frilly.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LALA!!!Megan, you are the cutest thing ever in your 50’s housewife getup! I’m sure the party was a huge success, and you were the perfect hostess. I am finally back to blogging, as my genius brother-in-law removed the virus from our computer. Praise be to computer geeks! It’s so good to be back!~Amanda

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