Cupcakes and Ruffles!

I haven’t had much time to blog lately, what with both kids fighting a nasty cold, keeping up with the house, planning and preparing for the party on Saturday, and a little crafting on the side.

There are ponderings of opening a new Etsy store soon with little things I have made that are for Us, the adults. =) We love to shop for our babies, but we also love to shop for ourselves and our homes! They will be affordable little decor items, I am thinking mainly tag banners. Wathcathink?

Here are photos of the outfit I made for LaLa to wear at her party! I put ruffles on the bum of some pants from Target…I didn’t have time to make her a new pair, and found these in the laundry, hot off the clearance rack! The ruffles are chiffon…yum! I am going to be making onesies in the future for my store with chiffon rufflebums, as the weather warms up. Finally I made her a little hair clippy that is, of course, a cupcake!

So take a peak at Cinderella’s ruffles and enjoy! And thank you for all your kind and loving comments on my last post!!! Also, don’t forget to tune in for Fabulous Finds Friday! It’s gonna be fantastic!


6 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Ruffles!

  1. Oh my gosh that is soooo cute!! The ruffles on the pants are adorable! I actually saw a shirt on your site that I am going to order this weekend for my neice (her bday is in April). I would love to see some home decor for “us” too! 🙂

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