{Music Monday}

This Christmas, my sweet husband got me an IPod. I love it. It is my new best friend. I am, and have always been, a music junkie. BI (Before Ipod), I had lots of CD’s. I then began downloading music onto my computer and burning it all onto CD’s. Now I have my IPod, and this tiny little credit card sized thing holds all the music my little heart can handle. The joy of technology.

I digress.

I think I have listened to just about every type of music there is. Pop. Rock. Punk. Hardcore. Soft Rock. Country. Classical. Techno. Contemporary Christian. Worship. Emo. The list goes on I’m sure.

And so my Bloggy friends, I would like to dedicate Mondays to sharing the music with you.

Don’t be scared, I can almost guarantee there will be no Hardcore or Punk in the mix. That stuff and I don’t get along so well anymore. My poor head just can’t take it. And besides, that phase was in High School and Jr High. And to quote a friend of mine “Weren’t we all Punk in Jr High?”.

I also will share a few guidelines I will follow. None of it will contain profanity or crude content. Because as my niece used to say “I can’t like that”. I want you to feel safe in listening to what I post or recommend. Also, if you want to share music with us in the comments to these posts, please follow the same guidelines. Lets keep it clean, ok?

Now, I have commitment issues. It seems like I start a project like this and then have trouble following through. Hopefully that will not be the case this time, as I have music coming out of my ears. (Haha. Dumb joke. Drum roll please.)

So stay tuned for more Music Mondays!

This week I am featuring an eclectic play list. It consists of songs that I downloaded for a Valentine’s CD for my Hunny last year, plus a few more recent songs.

Everytime I Close My Eyes- Babyface (Going old school here…stuck it in for a good old early 90’s flashback.)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- Lady Antebellum (I just love the sound of this song, the lady’s voice is wonderful, and I love the harmony in the chorus. A delightful love song!)

Got It Right This Time- Kieth Urban (This is a joyful love song, and it makes me smile!)

Love Story- Taylor Swift (I love this new song, it really sparks the imagination)

Tailor Made- Colbie Caillat (I just love her! I listen to her CD like crazy. A sweet song)

Love You ‘Till the End- The Pogues (A little different. Fun. From the P.S. I Love You soundtrack. I don’t really know how I feel about that movie. But I enjoy the soundtrack. It is definately unique, so beware!)

You can listen to it
HERE. I tried to download it right onto this post, but couldn’t figure it out. So click and enjoy! Also, please join in and leave your Valnetines music suggestions in the comments. I am trying to figure out Mr. Linky, so you can link up if you want to, but for now, guide us your direction in the comments.

Groovin to the tunes,


P.S. Stick around and join me on Fridays for Fabulous Finds Friday where I will tell you about my latest greatest fabulous finds, the things that I want, need, or have and love!


4 thoughts on “{Music Monday}

  1. Ok, so two things. One, I love my banner!!! I just got it Saturday. ThAnK YoU!!! Also, I just read your comment on Amanda’s visa commercial post where you said you wanted a jar… well, check out my blog, I am having a give away and you just might like what’s in there. 🙂

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