{Craft Time} some {Glitter Fun} and a Little Giveaway!

I got the craft bug! Maybe it’s in the air right now. And so here I am to share a little crafty love with you all!

The Dollar Tree is my friend. I headed there this afternoon to pick up some supplies that I had decided I needed for my endeavors. I have begun to look at things with new eyes- “What can I do with that?” eyes. I loaded my cart with anticipation. Once I got home, my mom joined me for a little creating!
We have very different methods. She cuts things out exactly, lines things up so nicely, and has a calm approach to making things. I obviously didn’t inherit that from her. When I come into the room, glitter flies, glue spills, and small animals flee. There is a method to my madness though, I promise you.
There are these little mini-scrapbook kits at $$ Tree right now, and they were perfect for what I wanted to do. I stashed all the little chipboard embellishments, and took the 4 ‘pages’ made of cardboard.
We covered the pages with paper. This is where my mom cut things out so nicely. I on the other hand slapped a semi-recognizable shape onto mine and then sanded down the edges. She used a hole punch to make the holes in hers before gluing, I glued and then stabbed my scissors through to re-make the holes in mine!
Now for “Adventures-With-Spray-Adhesive” the Sequel! It could also be called “Getting-it-done-right”. I VERY CAREFULLY sprayed my pages down with spray adhesive, on a large piece of paper. Then, over a clean sheet of paper, I sprinkled the glitter. Are you not proud of me? Thank you. I thought you would be.
I cut out letters for the word “Love” for mine (also coated in a healthy helping of glitter), and my mom decided she wanted to put pictures on hers. We glued jewels and buttons and flowers on. I tied ribbon on the sides and threaded tulle through the top of mine. I also made another one in black and red and pink last night. So one is a hanging banner, and the other is tied together, and is a stand-alone one.

I then made a rose petal wreath (inspired by another blogger, I take no credit here!), and hung it by tulle also. Of course that one also got a kiss of glitter. It was easy-peasy. I just glued the petals on with a hot glue gun! I can’t feel the tips of my fingers now, but it’s worth it, right? (Ok, so I have regained feeling. And no, my fingers are not permanently a part of the wreath.) Photos to come later…

Finally, I had 3 tea cups that were rather average. I bought them because of that. I wanted to use them as candle holders. Because of their lack of striking fabulousness, and their inexpensiveness, I had no fear to burn a candle in them and embellish them. All of my other teacups are too pretty to risk ruining.
Here they are BEFORE-

I took the hot glue gun, and used it on the cherries that are painted on them, and around the rim. As I glued, I sprinkled glitter. Hot glue seemed the most obvious choice since it is SUPPOSED to be hot. I didn’t want a fire risk. My son asked me “Mommy, are you making snow on them?” I suppose I was!
So here they are from Blah to Oh-La-La! I think I will tie ribbon on the handles later. I am sorry to say that these pictures don’t do them any justice whatsoever. But hopefully you will get the feel of them.

I also found some glittery hearts on sticks, and threaded them into my twigs-in-a-vase. Added a little ribbon (hehe, Amanda) and viola! (Argh with the indoor ligthing photos)

Later the kiddos did a little crafting too- window stickers! (In underwear and Babylegs, hehe)

I have some more projects up my sleeve, but I think we accomplished enough for one day! Maybe I will get some lovelier pictures later, but I wanted to get this post up tonight while I had the time. You know how it is!

{GIVEAWAY!!} We have a Winner! Thank you for entering! I will be emailing the winner ASAP! Thanks again!! =)
To join the giveaway carnival, I picked up this necklace to offer up as a prize! It is a glass starfish, with beautiful flecks of color in it. It hangs on a ribbon, and is very pretty. Use it as a necklace, place it on a tray of seaside items with a candle, or hang it with some seaside decor- you pick! Leave a comment on here to enter to win! (Shipping to the US or Canada) (Why not a Little Bella Bean giveaway you ask? I was afraid to post one because I think you all might be sick of me by now, with all those giveaways I did! So I got a little creative…) Ends January 31st at Midnight when a random number will be drawn. Thanks for entering!

Happy with my glitter,


60 thoughts on “{Craft Time} some {Glitter Fun} and a Little Giveaway!

  1. Your crafts turned out so cute! And of course they’re all glittered up. I think I’m gonna start calling you the Glitter Queen! That starfish necklace is AMAZING…so unique! I love it, but anything Little Bella Bean would have been perfect! Thanks for the fun giveaway.Amanda

  2. your crafts are awesome. i gotta get some glitter glue!I’m having so much fun making friends and blog-hopping again this year. Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I’m chosen as the lucky winner!!!

  3. Oh Megan, this post made me SO VERY HAPPY. I LOVE the first love thingy, what ever you would call it. 🙂 I started smiling when I saw the first use of “glitter”. That has such happy memories for me and your special story still sticks in my mind. You ladies had such fun…what a blessing to have that kind of relationship with your mom. Celebrating!

  4. After I saw that necklace again I wish I had picked one up for myself too at the gift show!!! (Ladies, it didn’t come from the dollar store! LOL) Sigh, I suppose it would just be wrong for your mother to enter for the give-away?!?!? You amaze me with your “let’s do this! and this! and this!” craft bonanza yesterday. I had a half hour to craft before having to go home, then didn’t finish mine and you did all the other stuff in a flash!

  5. As a sympathetic glitter addict, I got quite a hoot out of this post! I’ve bookmarked your site to come back later and read more; I LOVE yor projects and was hoping you were going to give one of them away! However, I also love the beach, so the starfish is perfect for me also. Thanks for the chance to win!Jennionething (at) beautifulheritage (dot) comhttp://onething.beautifulheritage.com/

  6. I love all of your glittery creations! Wonderful work – wish I could get the craft bug. I can’t seem to get any paper crafting done. But I have done some good sewing, so that makes up for it. jackieksheaffer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Very cute crafts, and the necklace is really cute! I’d love to be in the drawing for it. Thanks for entering me!unforgetable_dreamer_always (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  8. I enjoyed your post…I love crafting with my kids, too, and teaching them what a wonderful outlet crafts can be…I love how your letters turned out! Glitter is addicting for sure! I will cross my fingers and hope to win this beautiful pendant! Have a good day!sandalsndaisies(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. Beautiful Starfish necklace. Thank you for the giveaway. I loved your decorations I’m glad I’m not the only one who creats and decorates for Valentine’s day. I made heart shaped napkin rings.

  10. What a fun day of crafting you had! I wish I had time or patience (or room) to do stuff like that!That pendant is gorgeous and would go with so many outfits! Thank you for the giveaway!krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

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