My Dining Room

Welcome to my home.

This is my dining room. It makes me happy. I love RED. My old dining room was red, and in this one we have a red wall. It is in the middle of the kitchen and living room, and so it is not its own room. In fact, if you turned around you would see my insanely-in-need-of-organizing scrapbook/craft area. My mom is the organizing queen, and I am sure that soon she will get her hands on it and help me with it, because it is probably eating at her that it is so crazy! (I love you Mom.)

My china cabinet was my Grandparents, and my parents sanded it and painted it white for me. It was quite the task, because it is solid stained oak. But their valiant efforts paid off, and it is beautiful. I cherish it, my Grandmother is gone, and my Grandfather has sized down and had no need for it. I will always keep it, because it was theirs. It may find itself undergoing a makeover or two, but it is priceless. My collection of china from an antique store is in there- I found it marked down after Christmas one year. I made my mom ask them if they would take less for it, and amazingly they did! (I am terribly shy at that, but am getting better!) It is white with flowers and RED around the edges!!! I freaked out when I got it. China, fancy, but with bold red boarders?? Amazing. That is all on the bottom shelf.

On the middle shelf you can find a set of coffee mugs (the white cups with green flowers) that were my Mother-In-Laws, she gave them to us when we got married and had few dishes. She won them at a gas station? Too cool. There is a clear glass tea set my husband picked out with me on one of my birthdays, and a bright red tea pot that was a gift from my mom.

On the top shelf there are more dishes I love! Most of those were gifts too!

Hanging on the wall is an antique shelf holding more pretties…My chandelier still makes my heart sing, I got it at one of my favorite shops. I had always dreamed of having one. Now I have that one, a cute little Ikea one in my daughters room, and a pretty larger Ikea one in my bedroom! I feel so blessed! I never thought I would have THREE!

Notice my little angel pixies in there?
I want to paint my dining room table. I am thinking white and black? White top, black legs? Or just all white? It will take some convincing to get my husband to let me do it. But I’m up for the task.

I will give you some peeks into my other rooms eventually. I have been getting some help getting it all in order, and hope to have a more finished looking house soon!

By the way, my table is rarely ever free of clutter. My new goal is to keep it that way!!
Thank you for visiting!

5 thoughts on “My Dining Room

  1. I LOVE it. I never used to be into red and now I WANT a red wall in my living room. We have crazy walls, all sorts of angles and heights with three colors of paint showing from any one view around the living/dining/kitchen spaces. I have had friends try to get a red they wanted and said finding the right shade was impossible….none of them ended up with their red wall. Right now we have all sorts of colors in pastels….I WANT RED…not sure what to do on the other walls BUT I WANT RED. I loved getting to see all your treasures. I’ve seen your mom’s site…she does indeed have some organizational skills….glory. I wish I had someone who could come in and help me with cabinets. I empty everything and then look at it wondering how to do anything different with it all.It will be fun to see more.

  2. Hey girl! Love your dining room! The red walls are fantastic and your china hutch is a real treasure. It’s beautiful and even better because it has meaning for you. I love that you painted it so that you could have something of your grandmother’s that you love too.I would absolutely paint the table to match the hutch. No question. It would look great!Kimba

  3. Your china hutch is beautiful! Even more so because it belonged to your grnadmother. I think your table and chairs would look fabulous painted to match. Btw, I just stumbled upon a Mr. Linky thing for etsy shops at Bella Casa. I thought of you immediately and wanted to let you know. It will be up all week. It’d be a great way to promote your shop and get it seen even more!~Amanda

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