24 hours of {CrAzY}

It has been just crazy around here for the past 24 hours.

Wednesday night, my husband, who had surgery 2 weeks ago, spiked a major fever. It went from 98.8 to 102.4 in a matter of 2.5 hours.


I called his Dr on call, and they wanted him to come in right away once morning arrived. If you recall, he broke his leg at Christmas, and so had surgery was on his ankle. He spent New Years Eve in the operating room. 6 screws and one metal plate later, he took up residency in our big-comfy-chair. And he hijacked the computer. But that’s a different tale for anther day.

They put a cast on his leg on Monday. Apparently they have many colors to choose from! My sweet husband looked at me and said “You pick.” Two little words. I grinned at him thinking of all my options. Pink. Purple. I wondered if they would mix pink and brown? I held his reputation in my hands. Maybe I could add some glitter? I have much experience with glitter and spray adhesive now. But, out of my great sacrificial love for this man and his pride, I picked camouflage. It was really cool! He looked all manly and trendy with that on. And oh my! We were the talk of the lobby as we left! It was super funny. Imagine a lobby full of people who apparently all have broken ankles and legs too, admiring my husbands pick of cast. My Dear Husband is quite the comedian, so there was much jovial joking all the way out between him and the other injured souls. He was very popular. Imagine if I had picked pink?

Back to the fever. We were able to control it with Tylenol, finally. And so Dear Husband went from a boiling lobster to more of a hamster in a hot tub. (Do hamsters use hot tubs?) After a long night of waking up to take his temperature, and Baby LaLa waking up repeatedly, morning finally arrived. We headed into the Doctors.

They needed to take the cast off to look at his incision, and they have this amazing little tool for that. It is a power tool/vacuum. It looks like a little handheld dust buster, with a circular saw blade on the end of a hose. They stuck a long plastic stick down the cast to cut along, and protect his leg from getting cut. (Much appreciated.) And then they sawed that sucker right off!

Everything looked good for where he is post-op, but they had concerns that there could be a blood clot because of some of his symptoms. And so we made our way to the hospital for the ultrasound. All of this required waiting, waiting, and more waiting. We had the baby with us and she did well all day. She was especially charming, and got compliments wherever we went. I like babies, they are like puppies, but you can take them into stores, coffee shops, and restaurants with you! A definite plus.

The ultrasound also turned out positive. What a relief! We were so thankful after the worry and concern that had been hanging over us. The camo cast is a thing of the past now, which is a little sad in that it had such style. They gave him a walking boot (which he can’t walk on) so that they can monitor his incision to make sure nothing develops. He is so much more comfortable now, and is allowed to take it off to shower, and when he is resting on the couch. Although I am making sure he only has it off when the kids are NOT around. Can you imagine? Kids can’t help but climb on, or knock into, anyone in the room with them. That just would not be pretty.

This walking boot does have a drawback. It looks like a giant moon boot! I guess that is only a drawback for me.

Maybe the moon boot wants some glitter…

And so here we are, 24 hours after this all began, and I should be in bed! The baby now has a low fever, and these next few days could be a continuation of the CrAzY. So we have one positive and one negative to look at.

Positive- we now can see this is a virus, which chases away fears of oddly contracted post-op evil bacteria that could ambush his leg and do evil little post-op bacteria things.

Negative- we now can see this is a virus, we get to wait and see if the rest of us get it, how badly we get it, and ride that one out. But it is the lesser of two evils.

And so, with a sigh, I sign off. Leaving you with a photo of Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon-Camo-Cast-Man.

Falling into a coma,



5 thoughts on “24 hours of {CrAzY}

  1. Wow, that’s quite the cast. I’ve never seen that before. You and your glitter. Praying for all of you. I remember those days of little ones when stuff cycled through the family. Glory, I’m sounding old….”I remember when”….lol

  2. Oh I hate it when we have yuckies floating around the house. Hopefully, you all won’t get sick. My 3 year old has strep throat and I am praying the rest of us can stay well..big FAT chance of that! That pic of your hubby is priceless. So funny!

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