Last Minute Christmas Tutorial

I had an idea spark in my mind this morning. I have 100 Million other projects going right now, but I had to stop and do this. I guess I would call them Family Memory Ornaments!

SOOOO, (Drum Roll Please) Welcome to the FIRST Little Bella Bean Tutorial!! (cue applause).

Print out some favorite photos that commemorate the past year. I am thinking I will now have to make this a Christmas tradition!! I made my photos something like 3.5×3.8. Not perfectly square or anything, just a general small-ish size. I also made them black and white, except for the Snow ones.
I then picked out some Christmas-y scrapbook paper for the backgrounds.

Now proceede to cut the background paper to border the selected photos. Again, I just eyeballed this, so they fit the way I wanted them to.

Glue Photos onto Cut Squares of Paper.

I did all of mine at a jaunty angle. This was done for 2 reasons. {Number One} it looks cute, and {Number Two} you can’t tell about size imperfections/lack-of-squareness. (A little secret, I just made up Number Two now because it seemed like an additional good reason.)

Next add embellishments. I had some Christmas scrapbooking stickers that I added, along with some Valentines ones (Our daughter was born around V-day so they were fitting on the newborn photos).Finally, I use a hole punch to put holes in the top of each one. I debated on how to hang them, and since I have the aforementioned 50 Billion projects going on at once, I just stuck wire Christmas ornament hooks in them. I am sure I will have to reenforce the holes in the future, but right now I just didn’t have the time! Ribbon, twine, or raffia would also be cute to hang these!

And there you have it! Hang them on your tree, your Nester Garland on your mantel, or from some ribbon strung up in your house…The possibilities are endless!! You could also top your Christmas presents with them. If you make some, post them and let me know!

Getting too creative with so little time left,



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