Kimba’s Open House Party!! {Come and knock on my door}

Grab a Starbucks Christmas mug and pour yourself some coffee-Take a peek into my dining room and see my Christmas chandelier!
Can you see the forest for the trees? I realized I had quite a collection this year, and all are from after Christmas sales, whence I paid almost nothing for them! And the two red and gold stripy stands? Dressy pots upside down…

Yes, Christmas fills me with Joy, I love it so!

Check back again, I plan to add some more photos after I take them. 😉
Happy house-touring!!
Merry and Bright,

7 thoughts on “Kimba’s Open House Party!! {Come and knock on my door}

  1. Hi Megan, I just connected all the dots on those following me. I’ll try not to scare you about what comes when you hit those later years (I’m 50). I’m so glad I clicked to come peek into your world. In our home we can never seem to get enough Starbuck’s mugs. I really love your white joy grouping, very cool looking on that wall. I saw your fun snow pictures. We are having our first snow that seems to really count and I’m headed out. WOOOOOO, I love snow.

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