Bliss Bliss Cranberry Bliss

My Neighbor brought over a plate of dessert tonight, she copied Starbucks “Cranberry Bliss Bar”. Oh. My. Word. Those little tasty treats didn’t stand one chance to last the night at our house. Y.U.M. I have never actually had them at Starbucks, but my neighbor had me at first sight and first bite! The picture above is of the Starbucks version. I would have taken a picture of the ones given to us, but there is nothing left to take a picture of save the empty plate with barely a crumb.

Again, not my own picture, but you get the idea. They were GOOD. And the tummies in our house are happy.

Full Belly, Warm Heart,



2 thoughts on “Bliss Bliss Cranberry Bliss

  1. Megan, you are a dear sweet friend! Your comment about baby Ella had tears streaming down my cheeks. Thank you so much for your fervent prayers in her behalf…we feel every single one! It is so nice to know that there are good, kind, Christ-like people in this world. What a blessing all my bloggy friends are to me and my family. I will keep you updated on Ella’s progress. Thank you a million times over!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~ Amanda

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