"Perfect parcels tied with perfect bows"

(Title quote from “Green Christmas” by the Barenaked Ladies)
Two new onesie designs!
Here is a Onesie with Holiday Cheer! Now in my Etsy Shop!
Featuring baby reindeer, a festive striped background, and bordered by snow white lace!
Close up of the patterns used-

Also availale is a set with the Tutu and Onesie! Go HERE

Lotus Blossom edged with Lace, Matching Ruffles on the Buns!

I don’t think I can even describe how excited I am about this one. It is the first in my new line of rufflebunsie onesies, that will feature -what else- ruffles on the bumsies! I used Amy Butlers “Lotus” fabric and created my own lotus design, each petal individually cut out and sewn on. I can’t wait to put one of these on LaLa! (She is sleeping right now so I must have patience…) The ruffles have a rolled hem so there are no raw edges, I have taken great care in sewing this, and I believe it turned out beautiful.

ALL of my designs are available on toddler size T’s!

Both of these are now in my Etsy store– What better Christmas gift for your baby or a friends baby?!

Enjoying creating creations,



6 thoughts on “"Perfect parcels tied with perfect bows"

  1. These are lovely! Especially the lotus ones!! your designs have a lot of flair, and those ruffles are just too precious.Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my Baby Friendly Beads!

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