Vintage Hankie Infant Apron Now On Etsy

(I couldn’t think of a Christmas song or quote that has to do with aprons…)

I created this beautiful apron yesterday and have put it on my Etsy site, after much debate on if I should keep it or offer it up for sale. So it is currently for sale, but I may just end up keeping it for myself. The body of the apron consists of 100% cotton fabric, and the neckline and skirt are embellished with vintage hankies, which I picked up at the antique store. I just love how it turned out! It should fit a baby 6-12 months old, perhaps a little older.

Put this apron on over a simple cotton dress and you will have both charm and style. Use this for your baby’s professional photo shoot and you will have a beautiful memory to hang on your wall. Or have her wear it while you are doing the holiday cooking- she will be ready to ‘help’ mommy bake delicious treats! Finally, you can hang it in your babies room, adding vintage charm. This is a keepsake to treasure forever.
The very bottom layer that you see here (the one with the scalloped edge) has a tea stained effect.

Now I am off to work on some more items for my shop! Have a happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Vintage Hankie Infant Apron Now On Etsy

  1. I love that apron, how clever! It would be fun to see it on a baby, over a little dress… I can see why you’d be tempted to keep it! Those vintage hankies are so unique!

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