Procrastination and Helping Orphans

Both kids are napping…

I should be making something…

I should be cleaning

I should be productive…

but what fun would that be?

I got something cool in the mail today- a tote bag. Why is it cool you ask? Because it is sent out by the Amani Life Project. This is a foundation that is supporting orphaned girls so that they can go to college. Did you know that there are 143,000,000, orphans in our world? The Amani (yep, sounds like armani but without the R) Life Project is striving to help orphan girls go to college. Want to know more? Go HERE. You can also visit Bo’s blog (the founder of Amani) HERE. (Bo’s blog is a collection of deep thoughts, random thoughts, and passion for God and Orphans. And she really cracks me up. See her recent posts on food poisoning, and the one with pictures of Christmas ornaments that should not be). I know that the economy is nuts, and this is a crazy busy expensive season, but if you feel in your heart that you want to contribute to this cause, it is only a $10 a month donation. And you can get a nifty tote like me. =)

Thankful for those who help the hurting ones,



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