LaLa’s Hat

I got out of the house yesterday and since the baby was exploding and my Dear Son was ready for a nap, we stopped at Grandmas to recoup. (After eating lunch at Olive Garden with her and Grandpa!) While my Dear Son napped, and when little LaLa decided to nap also, my mom and I dug into her felting supply.
After flipping through a book looking at some ideas for felted flowers, we decided to make LaLa a hat. We used the sleeves of a creamy sweater shrunk for felting. We lined the inside with the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt that Grandma doesn’t wear anymore. And viola! A hat! We then each made a felted/mixed media pin for it, and plan to make more. The cream hat and interchangeable pins make it something she can wear with anything! And it’s SUPER warm!

So here is the hat with the pin I made. I cut out a felt flower, and felt flower center. I then did a little needle felting and needle felted the light pink and light purple fibers onto the flower. I gathered a ribbon with thread, and then sewed it all together topping it off with a crystal bead. So sweet!

The flower my mom made is more vintage. It consists of two swirls of felt, and then she used parts of a doily for the leaves. She topped it off with a button. All thrift store finds!

So there you have it, LaLa’s new hat. Next we need a red flower for Christmas!!




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