Special order, Zoo, and Crazyness!

What a week! (I am now finishing this post I started 2 weeks ago…so what a month!) I had a special order (Thanks Amy!) and think it came out great! Hers is a peek at it-
I went to the park with my kiddos- don’t you love my Dear Son’s shirt?!? We got it at Pikes Place Market a bit ago. It’s not made by Starbucks. =)

Here is my sweet boy and me in the background, my mom took this photo and it is so wonderful-

I have really been enjoying creating my designs. I have many orders flooding in as news about my new business gets out. I try to balance my time with my kiddos (6 months old and almost 3), cleaning my house, and cooking dinner. I don’t get the second two things done very well, but at least I attempt it! Soon I will post pictures about our vacation we just got back from…


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