Welcome to Little Bella Bean…I am just beginning my own small business- hand embellished onesies for babies and T’s for toddlers. I am hoping to also include some other items also- skirts, blankets, ext. I have been working on my items for the past week and a half, sewing away, crossing my fingers that the things I have created will connect with other mommies/parents and they will love them the way I do.

Recently I have jumped headfirst into the world of fabric…beautiful patterns, fabulous designers, eye candy that feeds my spirit! I am head over heels for this world that is so new to me. The colors, the vibrancy, the patterns and style…

Soon I will announce the opening of my website where you can purchase my creations. Until then I will be dipping my toes into another new world- blogging. I had no idea such a community of creativity was out here! You all post thoughts, pictures, creations, ramblings…and you fuel one anothers creativity. I am inspired as I browse the many blogs out here in cyberspace. If I am feeling dull and my creativity wont flow, all I have to do is start clicking around and I find inspiration. Although it can easily suck me in and I end up wondering where my time went!

Now I must post a link because I really really want to win this quilt!!-

Win a quilt at

I will keep you posted if I do. =)


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